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Here are some photos of me. Most (if not all) of these were taken by my younger brother, usually without prior consent.

Hi. It's me! Yes, I just woke up, how could you tell?

I'm invisible

Me after receiving my school leaving certificate

Me at a restaurant

Me at my grandma's, close-up

Me at my grandma's, completely brain dead

Me at my grandma's

Me attempting to ski with very limited resources

Me concentrating on whatever I'm currently doing

Me during breakfast

Me during my dad's birthday party

Me enjoying a bread roll with ham and pickles, realizing that it's pretty damn good

Me enjoying a bread roll with ham and pickles

Me enjoying some sweet braided bread straight from the packaging

Me in the car

Me on a hot summer day, next to my brother

Me on a warm spring day

Me probably dead

Me sleeping

Me trying to figure out why my bed creaks

Me working at night